We are traveling to Europe for 17 days in June 2012 with EF Tours for Girl Scouts.  It is a guided tour and includes airfare, hotel and two meals a day.   The enrollment fee is only $95.00 and you can register online and make payments.  Great price and you don’t have to be a Girl Scout to join us.  PLEASEPLEASE, PLEASE share with others who may be interested in travelling with us.


At EF, the world leader in International Education, we believe travel is one of the best ways to promote growth, confidence and character in young girls. Travel is a life-changing experience and we want to make it affordable for all young people.


We are excited that you are planning a 17 Day Girl Scout Tour of Europe! What an amazing chance to visit 6 countries in one trip! Below is some information regarding the tour to share with your group.

EF Girl Scout Travel Video

Essence of Europe Pricing

*Please note that departure fees are subject to change. Lunches and a suggested tipping amount for the Tour Director, local guides, and bus drivers are not included.

How to Enroll:

Travelers can enroll in a few different ways. Please have your tour #1045673 ready!

1-    Online at

a.    Enter your tour number (above) and follow the prompts.

2-    Over the phone

a.    Call us at 1-800-665-5364.



For a 2012 tour, travelers enroll with $95. Upon receipt of the first invoice, $250 is due 30 days laterThen, an additional $200 is due by 9 months prior to departure (approx. late August/early September for a summer tour). After that, the remaining balance is due 110 days prior to departure (less the departure fees, which are due at 50 days prior to departure). If your group is collecting some money from fundraising, one check can be sent in with a Club Check form and we will allocate the money accordingly. Travelers will be invoiced individually, unless you ask us to hold the invoices. As noted on the price quote, travelers do have the option to sign-up for EF's Monthly Auto-Payment Plan. This is a great way for families to make the trip more affordable!



The $95 enrollment fee is non-refundable. In addition, there is a $250 cancelation charge. We suggest that all travelers enroll with the $95 and make the first payment of $250 so that no troop fundraising money is lost. Please view our cancelation policies as listed in our booking conditions.



Please note that EF does offer an All-Inclusive Insurance Plan for $145. Upon signing-up for this plan, payment is due immediately or upon receipt of the next invoice (in addition to the deposits listed above).



Please call us at 800-665-5364 or visit us online at to enroll today!



Liz Outley, Tour Professional

EF Tours for Girl Scouts